David Dale

Who I am

  • I am an IT specialist, working mostly with natural language processing.
  • I am from Russia, but now I am living in Paris.
  • I have a full time job, and I do not want to change it. But I may be open to side projects, if they are interesting and ethical.
  • I oppose the Russian military aggression and support the independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine.
  • I support the anti-war and liberation movements in Russian federation with donations, and I may take part in volunteering work for them.

What I do

What I did before

  • I worked in the NLP lab at Skoltech university as a research developer
    • I taught robots to swear dirty worked on problems of text style transfer
    • E.g. this paper was accepted at EMNLP
  • I took part in developing the Alice voice assistant by Yandex:
    • Helped creating and improving new scenarios for the Yandex.Station smart speaker
    • Boosted the quality and usability of the intent classifier
    • Fixed a great deal of bugs (and created some new ones)
  • I worked as an analyst in Yandex Data Factory
  • I helped to manage retail credit risks at Alfa Bank
    • Developed new models for forecasting credit losses
    • Supported and improved the strategy of issuing credit cards.
    • Optimized the algorithm of calling debtors


Что я делал раньше

  • Разрабатывал Яндекс.Алису:
    • Помогал создавать и улучшать новые сценарии для Яндекс.Станции
    • Прокачивал классификатор интентов
    • Фиксил баги и создавал новые
  • Работал аналитиком в Yandex Data Factory
    • Помогал нашим клиентам из промышленности применять ИИ для оптимизации процессов
    • Например, помог ЧТПЗ быстрее закаливать трубы, не ухудшая их качество.
  • Работал в Управлении розничных рисков в Альфа-Банке
    • Строил новые модели для прогнозирования кредитных потерь
    • Поддерживал и улучшал стратегию выдачи кредитных карт
    • Оптимизировал алгоритм обзвона должников